Spirit Pilates – Offers & info

Spirit Pilates – Offers & info


Reformer Pilates is a traditional, apparatus-based Pilates format. The reformer itself is a narrow bed, complete with a sliding carriage, straps and pulleys that are made more or less resistant by adding or removing loaded springs.

Feedback from the apparatus reinforces technique and challenges stability, while the manipulation of resistance creates work in big and small muscle groups alike, culminating in powerful, whole-body conditioning. Similarly to Matwork, all exercises on the Reformer are scalable, making this a truly versatile format.

The benefits of Reformer Pilates are many, including: improved mobility and flexibility; postural correction; development of long, lean muscle tone; and strengthening, from the inside-out. Reformer can also accelerate performance results as part of a cross-training regimen and can be effectively incorporated into rehabilitation programs, most commonly in a one to one session.

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