Buderim Auto Service – Offers & info

Buderim Auto Service – Offers & info



You may think all tyres are the same – round black things – right? Well actually, rapid advancements in technology mean there is an ever increasing gap in quality and features across the range of tyre brands.

Being at the forefront of design, Kumho Tyres contain the latest technologies, so they won’t buckle under pressure when you really need them to step up. So when you next visit us at Buderim Auto Service, ask for the brand that’s been trusted by Australians for over 30 years.


Living on top of Buderim Mountain and travelling around the Coast, your brakes are very important to keep you and your passengers safe. Your vehicle’s braking system is made up of many components. Disc rotors and disc pads on the front and the rear, and some vehicles have drum brakes and shoes on the rear. Your vehicle also has a hydraulic system which includes a master cylinder and wheel cylinders and the fluid needs to be changed at regular intervals, especially with the latest ABS systems. Call in and see Luke or Lance to have your brakes checked.


We are proud supplies of AC Delco batteries and offer free fitting and fast service to the Buderim area. We can also supply batteries for IStop vehicles.

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