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The User experience
In order to gain further access to the site’s many features and functions, as well as My Oi, we advise User’s to sign-up. This facility is FREE of charge (excluding Business Listing Packages) and requires disclosure of minimal personal information. User’s can still utilise the majority of the site without the need to sign-up.

My Oi
My Oi has been created to further enhance your experience and is only available to use when Signed-in. This service allows you to create a personalised wall that only displays offers and posts from business’s you have opted to follow. Additionally you will be e-mailed updated Offers & info posts only from the Business’s you have chosen to follow. The My Oi feature remain inactive if no business has been favoured to follow. If you no longer wish to receive updates from a favoured business then simply opt to un-favour them and you will no longer receive e-mail updates or posts within your My Oi account (applicable to that particular business).

N.B. Please note that only the favoured business’s latest or updated offers & info posts will be forwarded to a user’s account and that no listed business within the site (favoured or not) are provided with your personal details and are therefor unable to contact you directly.

Business Listing’s – inclusions
Offers & info (Oi) is an online interactive business directory. Businesses are listed categorically and each listing is provided with it’s own dedicated landing site comprising of multiple data pages. All Business Listing’s are displayed in the same formatted page layout. This logical and simple to navigate presentation provides a straightforward and consistent User experience. Every Business Listing includes the following;

HEADER IMAGE – Large full width image display to attractively present your business.

BUSINESS LOGOYour logo is your identity and will therefor be prominently displayed within your pages and posts.

OFFERS PAGEBillboard opportunity for businesses to advertise and pitch your goods, services and call to action promotions, with share links included.

INFO PAGE – Detailing business overview, incl; opening times, business contact links and addresses, map and location, social media links and an up-to-date wall displaying all your business posts.

ABOUT US PAGE – Allowing for greater depth of informative text and a great place to plug your products, services and unique qualities.

IMAGE PAGE – Upload photos to create a visual attraction to your products and daily business activities.

JOBS PAGE – A dedicated page to advertise positions vacant, including links for users to apply directly to your contact addresses. PLEASE NOTE A MAXIMUM OF TWELVE JOB LISTINGS PER ACCOUNT, PER YEAR APPLIES.

RATINGS PAGE – Gain valuable feedback and gather an insight to customer experience.

EDITING FACILITY – Business listing subscribers have live access to their accounts where you can edit and alter fields and posts within the many functions provided. This facility also allows for instant and spontaneous marketing opportunities for you to post offers and updates that will further promote your business. All of the account management facilities can be conveniently accessed and operated via most mobile devices (additional to desktops).

Legals – Please take the time to read our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

N.B. It is important to note that posts shared to third party social media sites will be subject to the terms and conditions of these individual sites and that Offers & info has no control over content shared outside of

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